In order to work in as safe a way as possible it requires an education. We at Byggnadsmaskiner AB can with our own accredited staff ensure that you get the right knowledge of the Lift Safety, personal fall protection and scaffolds.

Of course, we can also offer the courses in English.

Lift safety

Under Swedish law it requires from year 2007 that anyone who uses any kind of scissor or boom lift has undergone lift safety training.

The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Here you learn what rules to apply and how the lift works. They also learn what risks that may exist when working with lift.
The practical part takes place in our own facilities and consists test drive of all common lift types, such as scissor lifts and boom lifts with and without outriggers.

Everything is done in accordance with the Liftcouncil Curriculum and follows the international ISO standard ISO 18878: 2000 & ISO 18893: 2004.

Fall safety education

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (AFS 2001: 1 & AFS 2001: 3), it is the employer's responsibility to provide so that proper fall protection solutions are available for persons working at a height of 2 meters or higher, and at risk of falling exists. Fall Protection Solution can be the lifeline / harness if guardrail or other protection available.

Our own competent trainers will be happy to train your staff on how to use personal protective equipment and how best to avoid falls. An important part of the training is to in a safe and controlled way here with us, practicing to rescue a person in distress.


On January 1st 2006 a new law entered into force, AFS 2004: 4, regarding the demand of education of mounting and working on scaffolds. To mount a scaffold of 2 meters or higher it is required to have the right knowledge to avoid accidents. An incorrectly assembled scaffold can be dangerous for both those working on the scaffold, but also for the people around you.
We at Byggnadsmaskiner AB can help you with the right training here.

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