General rental terms

General Rental Terms for the Machine Rental Industry.
Adopted by Swedish Rental Association, SRA and Swedish Construction Industries, BI.


1.1 These general rental terms shall apply to equipment rental and construction machinery without drivers. Changing the terms requires a written form.

Rental object

2.1 The rental object must be delivered and returned at the landlord's premises. The rental object is considered to be returned when a return slip has been issued.
2.2 At the time of delivery, the rental object must be in operational condition and be provided with the required safety and safety devices.
2.3 The Lessor shall provide instructions for handling as well as for the supervision and maintenance of the rental object upon request. If the lessee so requests, the instructions must be in writing.
2.4. Remark for rental object or instruction shall be notified in writing to the lessee in writing, but no later than one week after the rental object has become available to the lessee.
2.5 When returning, the rental object must be well cleaned and with normal wear in good condition. Otherwise, the lessor is entitled to take the necessary cleaning and repair at the expense of the lessee.
2.6 The tenant is responsible for mandatory inspections of the rental object. However, the lessee shall provide and pay for inspections after assembly at the workplace. The tenant is entitled to, after notification, carry out a mandatory inspection of the rental object at the workplace during normal working hours.


3.1 The rental object may only be used for such duties and under such working conditions as it is intended.
3.2 The rental object may not be moved to a workplace other than as agreed or used by a party other than the lessee, without the special permission of the lessor.
3.3 The lessee shall be responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the rental object. In addition to paying for lubricants and lubricants, the lessee shall also provide and pay for the replacement of consumables.
3.4 Do not change the design or function of a machine or material.

Rental period

4.1 The rental period is calculated as from the day the rental object under the parties' agreement is held available for removal until the day the rental object is returned in accordance with 2.1
4.2 The rental object is for rent in single use for a maximum of eight hours per day unless otherwise agreed.


5.1 Rental is charged for the rental object at each rental opportunity according to the landlord price list. Applicable billing forms are day rent, shift surcharge, calendar day rent and basic rent.
5.2 Contracted day rental is the rental price per rental object and day. For part of the day, rent is due for a full day. If the equipment is used more than one shift in 8 hours, a shift surcharge will be charged according to the landlord's price list. Work-free Saturdays, Sundays, Anniversaries and Holidays are rent-free. For certain specific rental properties, rent is charged per calendar day or month according to the landlord's price list. However, for all rental properties, rent is charged during the holiday period and other corresponding vacancy.
5.3 Accessories are charged separately as well as costs for the prescribed remediation.
5.4 For the time of downtime and interruptions for which the landlord is responsible, no rent is due.
5.5 Contractual rent is exclusive of VAT.
5.6 Invoice shall be paid within 30 days of receipt unless otherwise stated in the tenant's price list. In case of late payment, default interest will be payable in accordance with the applicable interest rate law.
5.7 The tenant is entitled to require the lessee to provide security equivalent to the number of day rentals specified for the respective machine / equipment in the tenant's price list or other safe security at the time of the agreement.


6.1 The lessee is responsible for costs due to normal wear and tear.
6.2 The lessee is responsible during the rental period for loss of the rental object as well as for all damage that does not constitute normal wear and tear. Damage must be notified to the landlord for a decision on how to repair the rental object. Rental property lost or damaged so that it can not be repaired shall be replaced by the lessee with the amount corresponding to the cost of repatriation. In case of theft, the hirer is responsible for the police notification.
6.3 The lessee is responsible for the rental period for damage caused by the rental object to himself or third parties.
6.4 The lessee only responds to direct damage resulting from the tenant's negligence. The lessee is not liable for damage resulting from delivery delay, downtime or breakdown.
6.5 The lessor may require the lessee to hold the rental object insured with all-risk insurance corresponding to the cost of repayment during the rental period.
6.6 The lessor and lessee shall have customary liability insurance unless otherwise specifically agreed.
6.7 The tenant keeps the rental object traffic-insured, where required. However, the self-interest is paid by the lessee.


7.1. The party is entitled to cancel the agreement in case the counterparty is guilty of breach of contract and does not take corrective action within three days.
7.2 However, the parties may not invoke breach of contract if the performance of the agreement is prevented by circumstances beyond the control of the parties such as war, governmental decision or other party not causing a relationship which is materially affecting the performance of the agreement and which the party has not been able to predict or whose reasonable impact he is not reasonably was able to remove. However, if the obstacle lasts for more than two weeks, each party is entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect.
7.3 If the lessee resets his payments, goes bankrupt or initiates chord negotiations, the lessor is entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect and return the rental object at the expense of the lessee.


8.1 Disputes arising from the agreement shall be settled under Swedish law and by the general court in case the parties do not agree on arbitration.
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