Rental Insurance

Extra security with Byggnadsmaskiners rental insurance

In uncertain times like these it is safe to Byggnadsmaskiners rental insurance to protect you against costly expenses such as theft, fire, burglary, etc.
The premium is only 6% of the gross price and the excess is based on the original price of the machine.
The following deductibles apply:
5000: - the deductible up to a cost of 30 000 -
10 000 - the deductible up to a cost of 100 000 -
Half a base amount of the deductible on acquisition cost over 100 000 -
Would you eg be robbed of a ground vibrator (with a new price of 15 000 :-) You pay only 5000: - in excess. The premium is only 7.32 / day at a rental cost of 122: -
If instead you rent a skylift (with the new price of 350 000 :-) and it is stolen, you only pay half a base amount of the deductible. The premium is 6% of the rental cost. In this case the premium is 68.52: - / day at a rental cost in 1142: -.
For it to go smoothly at a past incident, we ask you as soon as possible to:
Contact urgently Byggnadsmaskiner AB
Please provide company name, contact name and phone number, lease number, as well as our inventory.
Do not forget the police report of theft and vandalism
Keep in mind that careless handling, wear, etc., are not considered to be sudden and unforeseen damage. In these cases, therefore, not insurance.
You become the victim of a theft you should be able to explain when the theft occurred, and have taken security measures, taking into account the value of the machine & theft-prone.
This takes into account the police report.
The insurance applies in the Nordic region!
Welcome to subscribe Your rental insurance with us in Byggnadsmaskiner AB.

(We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice)
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